Cot Pad 65 x 90cm with Tuck In End Flaps

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WATERPROOF, ABSORBENT & REUSABLE COT PAD 65 cm x 90cm with 50cm tuck in end flaps to suit all cot sizes or children's/toddler's beds: RRP $29.95 each - Sale price $15 each - wow, that's 50% off!

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Drytimes washable and reusable cot pads are soft and comfortable while protecting cots from wetness.  Each pad has a non-slip backing to keep it flat and in place, plus generous 50cm tuck in flaps at each end to keep it secure on the cot for wriggly bubs!  Drytimes cot pads can also be used on children's or toddler's single beds - simply tuck the flaps underneath the pad and then lay the pad directly on top of the bottom sheet to keep the bed and sheets dry all day and night.

Drytimes pads are super absorbent and are designed to offer protection against incontinence whilst keeping your bub dry and comfortable. Just place the pad on top of bottom sheet, tuck in the end flaps if using on a cot, or tuck flaps underneath the pad if using on a bed and then lay bub directly onto the white poly/cotton surface of the pad.  Simply remove and replace when wet - there's no need to completely strip the bed, which saves time, washing and sanity!  These specially designed reusable and washable pads ensure protection for your family and furniture! The middle layer is highly absorbent and will protect your mattress and furniture from the heaviest wetting and spills. The soft, noiseless, breathable PUL (polyester backed polyurethane) backing is completely waterproof and safe for peace of mind.  Ideal for incontinence, illness, bedwetting or toilet training.  We recommend you measure the mattress to be protected, including width and depth, to determine which pad will suit you best.

Fabric specification: 4 layers of protection

1. Surface : quilted cotton blend extra dry-touch layer that wicks moisture into the pad & protects skin.

2. Minimiser polyester layer that prevents wetness from rising back to surface.

3. Poly/rayon super absorbent soaker that absorbs and traps fluids.

4. 100% PUL backed polyester stay dry backing is waterproof and locks out moisture & staining.

Washable Waterproof Pad features:

1. Satinised smooth barrier finish holds pad in position on cot.

2. Smooth surface does not "lint” up.

3. Non-pilling surface remains smooth and gentle to the skin for the life of the pad.

4. Non-Slip backing helps keep pad flat and in place.

5. Amazingly absorbent and minimizes the possibility of leakage by containing heavy voids.

6. Light and easy to launder, simply machine wash and warm line or tumble dry.  Regular washing helps to reduce dust mites in your child's bed!

7. Latex and Lead Free - non irritating for sensitive skin.

8. Can be re-used many times, saving you money and saving the environment!

9. Absorbs approximately 1.5 litres of liquid.

Washing & Care Instructions:

1. Change pads regularly when wet and we recommend that all Drytimes products are rinsed in clean, fresh water when removed from the bed or wearer to dilute urine, as urine is extremely acidic and can cause accelerated wear on fabrics.

2. Warm wash at maximum ~60c with half the regular amount of laundry powder or liquid.

3. Do not use fabric softeners, bleaches, enzymes or whiteners - do not iron or dry clean.

4. Line or warm tumble dry.

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Cot Pad 65 x 90cm with Tuck In End Flaps
Cot Pad 65 x 90cm with Tuck In End Flaps
Cot Pad 65 x 90cm with Tuck In End Flaps
Cot Pad 65 x 90cm with Tuck In End Flaps
Cot Pad 65 x 90cm with Tuck In End Flaps
Cot Pad 65 x 90cm with Tuck In End Flaps
Cot Pad 65 x 90cm with Tuck In End Flaps
Cot Pad 65 x 90cm with Tuck In End Flaps
Cot Pad 65 x 90cm with Tuck In End Flaps
Cot Pad 65 x 90cm with Tuck In End Flaps
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Average Ratings: 100% Liked this product (3 votes)

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"Life Savers!"

Karen on 28/6/2016 10:54:00 AM

Comments: Just wanted to say your bed wetting pads are fantastic. I've had an issue with my dogs marking my couches. After trying a number of things, like unsightly plastic tablecloths, I was nearing my wits end. I had a brainwave to look at bed wetting options and came across your site. I got cot pads for my two seater couches and a single chair pad. No more unsightly plastic. A couple of throw rugs and you don't even know they're there. Another wee episode this week and no drama. Easy to wash, quick to ... More details

"When only the best will do"

Christopher Wilson on 1/2/2016 9:28:07 AM

Comments: High Quality products that do EXACTLY what they are supposed to .. Customer service that is second to none .. outstanding company highly recommended !!!

"great product"

Sharon Willis on 12/5/2015 1:39:05 PM

Comments: love the product, no more having to change the whole bed in the middle of the night, much easier, thanks